Safety Harbor Unity Vigil - Saturday June 20, 2020
18 June 2020

Safety Harbor Unites Saturday in Christian Vigil

Safety Harbor, FL – Saturday June 20 at 10am, the Safety Harbor United Community Vigil will be held at Safety Harbor’s Waterfront Park.

The vigil is a city-wide, multi-ethnic, multi-church gathering that will include music, prayer and speakers with the theme being the faith, hope and love of Christ that brings unity to our divided world.

The vigil is being organized by Lewis Ponds and Taylor Young.

Ponds, who is African-American and a life-long Safety Harbor resident, is a part of Faith, Hope, & Love Church of Christ, which meets on Drew Steet in Clearwater.  Young and his family, who are Caucasian, moved into Safety Harbor’s Lincoln Highlands neighborhood in 2014 and leas a house church.

“I have an 11 years old son and I have found it difficult to explain the actions and consequences that have been occurring around us,” Ponds said.  “I felt deeply saddened when thinking about his generation and future. I prayed on it and God lead me to organize a prayer vigil. The world is listening and watching and a positive message needs to be displayed.”

What can people who come out for the vigil expect?

“The ‘anchors’ of the event are Faith, Hope & Love,” said Young. “There will be several community leaders, along with residents of all ages and races, who will be leading prayers, and speaking on the  ‘anchor’ topics. There will also be live music performed by local artists.”

“The objective is to show a different perspective, and a better solution for change, through the love of Jesus.”

The vigil is expected to last 1-2 hours.

Participants are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on, wear sunscreen and bring water.

For those concerned about COVID-19, the event is being held outdoors where the risk is less, and social distancing is encouraged. There will also be a Pinellas County Sheriff department presence for the event.

Supporters and participants in the vigil include:

  • Faith, Hope and Love Church of Christ
  • Booth St. Baptist Church
  • Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • Mclean Mannix
  • City of Safety Harbor
  • Mattie Williams Center
  • Winners Church
  • Journey Community Church
  • We are Church Ministries
  • DJ Scorpio
  • Southern Fresh
  • The Basketball Warehouse

A Facebook Event has been created for the vigil and can be found at

Ponds encouraged, “People should come to see a beautiful assembly of love through prayer by people connected in Christ.”

Safety Harbor church leaders and members of the media can reach Lewis Ponds via email at

Safety Harbor Unity Vigil - Saturday June 20, 2020

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