17 January 2024

What Are the Costs of Web Design in Safety Harbor, FL?

Are you looking for web design in Safety Harbor, FL?  One of the most common questions we’re asked is,

“How much does it cost to design a website?”

There are a number of factors that impact web design cost. In this video, Mark Steinbrueck, co-founder of SkywayWeb Design and Marketing explains the things that impact the cost to design a new website so you can weigh these factors into your web design decisions.

Video: What Are the Costs of Web Design in Safety Harbor, FL?

Video Notes:

  • There are many factors that go into the cost of a website which includes the following: 
    • One thing that will determine the cost of a web design is whether you have a custom or a build-it-yourself website. 
      • Many web hosting companies offer a website builder with their hosting which is a lot less costly than if the company builds the site for you. 
    • For custom designs, the cost will be determined firstly by whether you utilize a consultative or a cookie-cutter approach. 
      • A consultative approach is more guided by the designer which is more expensive than the cookie cutter approach.
      • Whereas a cookie cutter approach is less hands-on guided by a series of questions on a form, email, or helpdesk. 
    • The second item that will affect the cost is content mapping. Which a lot of companies or designers seem to miss. 
      • Content Mapping is a process of creating a blueprint for the website that lists all the pages and functionality that will be integrated into the website before the building process begins. The Content Map is shared with the development team which helps them to understand exactly how the website should be designed or function. 
    • Another factor that will affect the cost of the website build is whether or not a predesigned website or a custom design is built for you. 
      • A custom design is going to cost more than a premade design. 
    • The functionality of the website will also affect the cost of the design. 
      • A simple website would include 
        • with only content, text, and images with a contact form 
      • More functionality that will increase the cost of the website would include: 
        • A shopping cart, calendar, and/or online registration 
    • The amount of content is another thing to consider in the cost of the project. The more pages added to the website the more time it will take. Therefore it will increase the cost. 
    • Will there be any training once the website is complete and how will that training be performed? 
    • The level of support will also affect the cost of the service. 
    • And lastly, will there be hosting, domain or email included? These items will all affect the cost of the website build. 
    • Finally, the cost of a website can be a very broad range, nevertheless, most websites fall between the range of twenty-five hundred to four thousand dollars price points which are typically spread out through the course of a few months. In addition, the cost of ongoing support and hosting is a separate cost.

Watch the full video to get all the details.

If you’d like to learn more about what it might cost for the website you need built, Skyway Web Design and Marketing would be happy to discuss it with you. Please contact us, today, for a free consultation.

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