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18 October 2023

What are Rogue Search Listings? Does Your Safety Harbor SEO Address Them?

It’s been said, “Your website is the first impression people have of your business.”

This is often true but not always. Consider this… most people start their search for just about everything they need or want on a search engine. When people do this, their first impression of your business is actually your search listings. Safety Harbor SEOs know you need to think about your search listing just as much as your website.

Rogue Search Listings

We work with a lot of businesses in the Safety Harbor, FL area, and one of the most common Safety Harbor SEO problems we see is businesses that have old local search listings that contain outdated, inaccurate information.

In some cases, the business owner created the local search listings themselves but didn’t document their work. Sometimes they’ve relocated their business and can’t remember how to login and update their local listings which can cause all kinds of customer service and marketing issues like we discussed last week.

In other cases, the business had an employee or SEO company create local listings for them, that person is no longer working for the company and they didn’t pass along login information before they left.

These inaccessible, rogue search listings can cause major problems for prospective customers looking for your business. They could point people to the wrong address or phone number. They could confuse people with two listings that contain different information.

Local, Safety Harbor SEO

Dealing with rogue search listings can be difficult and frustrating. A local SEO professional can help, but not all do. Some just setup new local listings without checking to see if local listings already exist.

A quality, local Safety Harbor SEO company will not only create new local listings for your company, but they will also search for rogue search listings that could confuse prospective clients. They will work with you and the search engines to either remove or regain access to these rogue listings.

Skyway Web Design and Marketing is a knowledgeable, experienced SEO company that offers web design and local SEO services in Safety Harbor, FL and the entire Tampa Bay area. If you have rouge search listings with inaccurate information, check out our Safety Harbor SEO services on our website and contact us to discuss how we can help your company with its local listings so they help new customers find you.

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